Up the worker…

May I rant? Ok, thank you. As a freelancer you’re looking for opportunities for new clients, different types of work to extend your experience or to fill in work gaps between bigger projects. Or to just see what the world has to offer today. UpWork is a marketplace for businesses or individuals to hire someone for a specific task. Jobs are posted and you offer up a proposal, with examples of your work or covering letter outlining your immense experience with a mouse and a Pantone swatch. All good.

I picked up a job on there for a logo design a while ago for a glassware startup company and we went through lots of good sensible communication with the owner about the project and how he lives in the town where I grew up. All good I think, so I go about the brief and start designing a new logo design and have final ideas ready when I realise the client has gone rather quiet. I enquire before sending any proof files. Still rather quiet. Maybe he changed his mind, went on holiday, maybe it was hilarious high jinks, or fake news… Who knows? This (mild) rant is aimed at me – I should of checked the fine print and made sure the proposal was actively accepted.

Still, I think it’s a nice logo. Anyone have a thermal glassware company?