Here’s some cover development for Curious Fox trade young adult fiction I did, whilst working with Raintree publishing and taking on a cover re-design, after disappointing initial sales of the original print run. Sometimes a book is judged by a cover…

A Squatter in London

“Squatters. Dirty disheveled hippies lazing about smoking dope while occupying other people’s properties? Maybe. Maybe not.”

That’s the opening description of this self-published novel I worked on with author Irene Pylypec, laying out the text and designing the cover, which reflects the author’s fond memories of looking out over the rooftops of London under starry skies. You can buy the book here at this rather well known book store…

Grace Cover Development

Here’s a little insight into cover development of a Curious Fox novel series called Grace and Guiltless for the 12+ trade market. A western series with a female main character. The brief and style of the cover changed several times and was reprinted to try and bolster sales. These of some of my cover re-designs.