An unmarked package dropped through the letter box today, which oddly made me suspicious as I’d just watched the Manhunt: Unabomber series on Netflix. But, like a slave to society as the series opening script claimed we all are, I opened it happily enough, and was greeted, fortunately by the Japanese Way of the Rugby Fan…or Gambare!

This is a travel guide to Japan for the rugby fan who may be venturing off to Japan for the World Cup this year that I designed for the author Angus Turvill, and illustrated by Harry Venning.

It’s a great pocket-sized guide to Japanese customs, etiquette, transport, food, language and of course rugby game locations. For more information about the book and to buy a copy click here.

I even discovered how my name looks in Japanese! Arigato!

Harvest Moon

I’m currently working with author Zachary H. Lovelady on his epic novel, Harvest Moon to redesign the interior typesetting, and look at different ePub formats available. T-shirts are even available here!

When the harvest moon is high, two hearts unite in the shadows of the dark pine forest. Hunted by their tribes, the pair, Kiowa and Anoki, meet in secret. They defy the elements with the gentle warmth of their love. A great medicine man brings special magic to help them. He unveils a golden lance and says, “You must sacrifice everything if you are to be one. You must learn to skin walk!”


A Squatter in London

“Squatters. Dirty disheveled hippies lazing about smoking dope while occupying other people’s properties? Maybe. Maybe not.”

That’s the opening description of this self-published novel I worked on with author Irene Pylypec, laying out the text and designing the cover, which reflects the author’s fond memories of looking out over the rooftops of London under starry skies. You can buy the book here at this rather well known book store…

Coolest Jobs on the Planet

Book series designed for Raintree Publishing, looking at different “cool” jobs. These spread designs are from the Wildlife Photographer book in the Ignite brand, where each spread has a magazine-style layout, but maintains a familiar feel throughout and shares common design elements and endmatter pages for consistency across the range of eight titles in the series.